Participation in the Republican campaign "Week of the support of a family".

The Center of family education "Shanyrak" of the city of Karaganda took part in the Republican campaign " Week of the support of a family". The action was held by the Karaganda branch of the "Nur Otan" party, within the party program "Bakytty otbasy".

April 21, 2015 the roundtable discussion was carried out on the subject: "A family is - the unity of thoughts and deeds". The event was held in the regional library named after N.Gogol, where young people who had started their families, teachers and psychologists of schools of the city and citizens were invited.

At the beginning of the meeting the exhibition of books, magazines and newspapers, organized by library staff was presented to attention of guests. It was accompanied by the story of the guide about the role of a family in Kazakhstan society, about  authors of books and articles on the subject "Family".

First Deputy Chairman of the Karaganda regional branch of the "Nur Otan" party K. Ospanova at a meeting in her speech told the audience about party projects and programs, which are held in the region to support the status of a family and family education, about collaborative ideological work in this direction with the Center of family education, about the support which is given by the party and the state to young families and also families which had got to a difficult life situation.

The director of Karaganda Center of family education  S. Kulenova noted that for each person the family takes the most important place in life, told a parable about the main priorities which have crucial importance for happiness of every person.

"If you spend all your time and energy for trifles, then you will never have time and place for the most important things. Do not forget that the most important thing in a person's life is the family", -  with such words S. Kulenova urged young people not to leave "for later" creation of the family, not "to be fixated" on material trifles, and to look for a soul mate to create the family nest and already to create material benefits together.

The president of Karaganda Private Association  "Gender Information and Crisis Center" N. Usachyeva participated in the work of the roundtable discussion. In her speech N. Usachyeva raised the questions of family crises, gender inequality, the history of development of a family during various historical eras.

Then the exchange of opinion of attendees took place. Many people have noted the usefulness of holding such a meeting and expressed  offers on carrying out the system work with the younger generation - young families in questions of creation a family and strengthening of family values and traditions, family education.

Continuing carrying out the Republican campaign "Week of the support of a family" in the region on the22st of April, 2015 in the building of the Karaganda regional branch of the "Nur Otan" party a charity event was organized for the population under the name "On Consultation with a family psychologist" concerning intra family communication.

Graduates of the Institute of Family Education of the city of Astana participated in this meeting: Z.Shayakhmetova - educational psychologist of the high school No. 36; S. Voronina - educational psychologist of the high school No. 53 and also S. Kulenova - the director of the Center of family education. They successfully held consultations for parents and married couples. This form of work with parental community of the region is already familiar to city people and they like it very much. Meetings with professional psychologists help members of the families who addressed for council to understand challenging problems of intra family communication.



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