Meeting with parents in the city of Atyrau.

"Psychological health of younger generation" - that was the subject of a meeting with parents of students in the secondary school No. 18 in Atyrau.

More than 200 parents came to the parents' meeting, which was attended by the head of the Center of family education of Astana, consulting psychologist A.Matayeva.

The purpose of the meeting was - discussion of conditions of education of a healthy personality and problems of prevention of deviant behavior at children.

The meeting was opened by the school principal G. Menesheva. In her speech she called all attendees for active participation in meeting and wished a positive attitude for the forthcoming work.

The head of methodics department of Atyrau K. Ryskaliyev in his speech declared that the interrelation of school with parents of students in questions of education of the children is still not well-functioning at that level as it would be desirable. There is no accurate system of contacts and communication with parents and that is why there are gaps on which each pedagogical collective needs to work purposefully. He paid attention to the fact that exactly the reason of lack of consistency in strengthening of interrelation "a family- a school" leads to various unpredictable problems. It affects the educational process, a condition of psychological health. In the speech of the head of methodics department the words of gratitude to the Institute of Family Education for high- quality carrying out the Republican parental conferences in 2014, which were aimed at providing psychological support and assistance both to the parental community and students, were heard. Parents of Atyrau region took an active participation in these actions. Feedback received from the parental community, after holding these conferences speaks about necessary of carrying out such a form of work with parents. Therefore, it would be desirable to ask responsible executives of the Institute to continue to improve the literacy of parents in questions of family education in 2015, applying various innovative techniques and methods strengthening interaction of a family and a school.

Also there was an interesting speech of the director of Atyrau Center of formation of a healthy lifestyle G. Mambetova. She shared with parents her recommendations about preservation of psychological health of the younger generation.

Head of Astana’s Center of family education A.Matayeva in her speech paid attention of parents to the process of growing-up of a child in the family, to the fact that they will surely face the crisis periods in the development of a personality. She gave recommendations about removal of fears, anxiety, tonicity and stress at children, also stopped on ways and methods of strengthening the psychological and mental health of a child in a family.

In the process of meeting parents asked questions all invited experts in the field of pedagogy, psychology, healthy lifestyle and received answers. At the end of the meeting participants thanked organizers for choosing an interesting topic that was of educational character and allowed parents to increase pedagogical culture.



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