To teachers about antibullying technique "Without charges".

Class teachers, deputy directors for educational work, social teachers and psychologists of schools got together for the training workshop according to the "Bakyty otbasy" program. This seminar was held in the city of Abay of Karaganda region on April 1, 2015. Classes were given by a consulting psychologist, the head of the Center of family education S. Kulenova.

Interesting exercises, various role-playing games, presentations and videos, acquaintance and studies of new technologies and methods of work of the educational psychologist with students and their families - all these items were in the training program aimed at the formation of psychological competence of teachers.

Family for any person means more than anything in life. And everyone wants to live in a happy family. Therefore, right choice of a partner for marriage, knowledge of functions which spouses should do, correctly chosen style of communication, creation of warm climate in a family - all these points are the guarantee of good, conflict-free relations and the key to starting of a happy family. Teachers must speak about it to students' parents on the provided trainings and parents' meetings, so parents can bring home to their children that creation of a family - it is major efforts; delicate, meticulous and everyday work. Here knowledge is necessary. So you can organize proper communication and inter- spousal relations and be happy in marriage it is necessary to be able to hear and to listen to, to cede, to respect each other, to forgive.

Bullying or mobbing - the concepts are not new. But not always parents, especially students possess this information. The teacher's task is - to inform about these phenomena taking place at school, in a class. The teacher should do it both at a class and parents' meetings , he should take preventive measures to stop the bullying, hold antibullying activities. All this is necessary for preservation of authority of a school and teachers, for psychological wellbeing in school community. "Antibullying technique for a teacher or school psychologist "Without charges "" gives knowledge of work with bulliers and victims of bullying. Exactly with this technique participants of the seminar got acquainted. Together with the coach, on concrete examples, teachers debated and discussed different stories from the life of the school, the class in which the bullying took place and called solutions of this problem.

The coach finished the seminar with the words: " So parents can trust the school and students to teachers, there shouldn't be a place to bullying at school!".


the head of the Center of family education "Shanyrak".


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