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From February 23 to February 24 at Egindikolsky high school No. 1 of Akmola region, the chief specialist of " Regional Monitoring Centre, new technologies, informatization and educational and methodical work in education" under the Department of education of Akmola region  B. Bigozhina and the head of the Center of family education of Kokshetau Yu.Sarsekeyeva carried out for psychologists and head teachers discussions connected with strengthening of the institute of family education in the region and increasing of the responsibility of parents for education of children.

The main goal of a seminar is increasing pedagogical culture of parents on family problematic issues and showing the ways of solving these problems painlessly. In this connection, the coaches used the following methods: family games, a minute of vivacity "Shipwreck", the video "Melt water" in a practical part "Phototherapy", "A balance wheel", "Conceptual Map", showed the video on the types of family education. Stage play "Let's hear children", prepared by teachers of school for parents, was very interesting and informative and was pleasant to participants of the meeting. At the end of the seminar parents shared their opinions and impressions of what they have heard, especially in the questions of child upbringing. "The corner for parents" with different instructions and recommendations was made in the foyer of the school for all attendees.

Next day the head of Kokshetau Center of family education Yu.Sarsekeyeva held the training seminar with class teachers, psychologists, kindergarten teachers, social teachers. She demonstrated the application in practice of art therapeutic exercises "My family is in the image of flowers", "The image of the family", "The letter to the partner in life", "Who am I in the world of fairy tales?". During the seminar teachers got new knowledge, the atmosphere at the meeting was very positive and creative. Participants thanked the coach for getting a lot of useful and interesting material necessary today for work with parents and a family. These new methods and techniques in the work of the teacher with children will help parents to understand their children better. Finishing the meeting, all participants of the seminar received certificates.

“We are very grateful to the head of Kokshetau Center of family education Yu.Sarsekeyeva for an exit training workshop, which is so important for teachers. She came to our remote area in spite of the difficulties connected with weather conditions on the roads. We ask her to come to our region again with the new topics connected with education of children”, - the participant of this seminar, the school psychologist Sh. Abdrayeva has told.

The school psychologist – Sh.Abdrayeva.


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