The essay about love.

Preparing for writing the essay on the subject "Love - like a foundation of stable marriage", one of the listeners of our institute asked a question: "Why it may be difficult to live in a family for a person?” - and then she answered at once, - “Because people can be egoists”.

“They very often take their loved ones for property. They demand submission from native people and constant support, forgetting that all members of the family put equal parts of love and understanding in the real family”.

Then, passing to the subject of the essay, she wrote: "Yes, indeed, I agree with the statement that love is a basis of stable marriage. But, unfortunately, many people don't know it or don't want to know…"

I married in 27 years. The son Yegorushka was born at me. How much joy and happiness there was! I became a mom after all! But dad ...  As it turned out, he wasn't ready to be a father. Now I understand it, after lectures of N. Tsvetkova's - the teacher of the Institute of Family Education. I listened to her lectures at the teachers’ advanced training courses on the “Happy Family” program. The meeting with a professional in the field of psychology has helped me to understand and forgive my husband. As it happens, it wasn’t love between us. And when there is no love, sooner or later everything comes to an end.  Therefore our family existed only 9 years.

May be, there is also my fault in the decay of the family, because I gave all my love to my little sonny after his birth! Therefore many problems and misunderstanding appeared between us - the husband and the wife. But then we didn’t hear each other, instead of being a whole - a family.  When there is a fact that people break up, it becomes difficult for a person to live, to create something new. A lot of things are impossible - the emotional tone becomes unstable, leads to the loss of self -confidence, the depression comes. It happened with me also. But I was brought out of the circle of self-flagellation by my son, my hope and support. He told me: " Do not worry, mom, you will marry again and I will have a good father, after all I don't want to be alone all my life...”

Yes, love is a wonderful feeling, fine and very significant for all people at all times.  Love is the heart of marriage and a family! It is necessary to be able to value your love, to protect it, to keep as the fire in the hearth. It in a greater degree depends on the person! If the husband and the wife are a tower of strength for each other, they will have both a happy and a close-knit family.  And when a man feels love, respect, warmth, reliability, then this person has a motivation to create a stable prospering marriage. So keep your family no matter what happens. Try to start all over again if you are single. Believe it is never too late to create a happy family. And if you live in a family, live in peace and friendship and love each other.

Only now I understand that it is necessary to love very much in order to live in a reliable and close-knit family. After all you must create and be able to keep it. And you know, at any age each person hopes to meet the love and to light the hearth of happy family life.

I am sure that I will meet my love!


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