The essay “The influence of mass media on the idea about a family at youth”.

The need of formation of a new view on the adaptation of the Kazakh youth to life becomes today one of the tasks of our modern society.

Because the considerable changes happening in society, achievements in science and engineering strongly influence the psychology of personality development. To keep psychological balance of young people who quickly absorbs everything, family relationship in which this youth is brought up, the role of the society, ethnic values are especially important.

In this regard, in our society the influence of mass media on the minds of young people, on their vision of a family not only with positive, but also from a negative side, raises fears. Mass media such as: television, radio, cinema and the Internet undoubtedly have huge influence in the formation and strengthening of social systems. At the same time, it is impossible to deny the influence of mass media on private life. Cruel programmes, games and movies, also the advertisement harmful affect the soul and spirit of the person. All these phenomena lead to the change of everyday behavior of people in society. They promote that the person loses the human qualities and values.

The family as the most important social unit suffers most of all from the influence of mass media. Television influences over young people’ thoughts about creating a married couple, the formation of relationship in the family, the quality of education of new generation. Reducing the number of children, changing the role of women in society and other social factors have changed the structure of the family. Various TV shows, social networks represent the images of heroes’ behavior in the format of cinema, TV series and advertising. These images since small years take place in the human mind and form the certain stamp that was founded on the screen in the relationship between spouses, parents and children. For example, these behavior models are reflected in such phenomena as a masculinity of women, male dominance over women, negative attitudes, quarrels between parents and children. In many TV series there is a scenario where a married man is untrue to his wife. Perhaps, the purpose of such scenarios is to show to TV audience how this is wrong, but the teenager understands such things superficially and accepts absolutely differently. Perhaps, he will follow the example of such heroes. Thus, the television, which can form the culture of relationship among people and play an important role in correcting mistakes in family crises, becomes the means propagandizing and forming negative temper at people.

Of course, we also have another common actual problem. It is Internet dependence, game addiction of the youth. There are people who devote all their time to computer games. It is very annoying negative phenomenon. It is a direct way to the fact that the person breaks away from alive environment, becomes uncultured. There is nothing sacred for him, except computer games. In it there are reasons - unemployment, depression, lack of attention and others. In cruel computer games a hero embodies all his intentions and plans; for example, he can punish people, to escape from problems and etc. To avoid such trouble we have to and are obliged to find time and pay attention to our children, relatives, to watch what the child is engaged in. We can't protect them from everything, but we can control and give a hand in time. Indeed, the mass media such as television and social networks are capable to form conditions for the adoption of social values and to serve to the revival and strengthening of family values.

Therefore I think that in today's conditions mass media should to reconsider its television projects for preservation of future mankind and society.

Perizat Izimova, Deputy Director for educational work

Kyzyl-Orda region, Shiyelinsky district, village Pervomayskoye

Secondary school № 40


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