“Mather is an angel for every child”.

We present to your attention the essay of Diana Kurmangaliyeva - the graduate of the Institute, the educational psychologist of lyceum “Daryn” of the North - Kazakhstan district, Petropavlovsk.

                                                                                                    “The future of the nation is - in mothers’ hands”.

                                                                                                                                                            Honore de Balzac

A fundamental principle of a modern monogamy is the patriarchal family which is characterized by the predominating position of the man in family relations.

The woman during this historical period of the development of family relations was perceived as the domestic goddess and had no right to perform hard physical work. She was charged with the education of children, and they, tend to be, not less than three to five.

The relationships that develop between a mother and a child after birth are the foundation on which the whole world of the emotional relations of the person develops further. I consider that it is the mother who has special responsibility for formation at the child the feeling of confidence to himself, to the world and other people. “The hand swinging a cradle really rules the world”. (William Ron Wallace)

The mother's love, according to E. Fromm, it is the first kind of love that arises in the course of evolution and the first experience of love in the history of each person.

It is possible to tell about mothers infinitely. There are millions of women and everyone bears a feat in the heart - maternal love.

Women of other races, speaking different languages, burned by the sun and hardly warmed on the Far North - they are all sisters in single uneasy puff of feelings. They are the same when bring the child to a breast. They have the same feeling, bending over the child. Their hearts speak a common language of the world and, everyone, if he has a grain of humanity, will tell: "The best mother is- my mother," because there is no limit of her tenderness, whoever she might be, whatever blood forced to fight her heart.

In the modern world external factors have huge impact on a family. These are neighbors, relatives, the school environment, the status of a family, material welfare, ethnic and family holidays (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries), which are similar to the traditions of other countries. In some families, it has become habitual to discuss the day's events during evening tea. If the family does not have its family holidays and traditions it isn't necessary to refer to a lack of time. This reason is superficial. Probably family members have nothing to talk about and native persons are a burden to them. I consider that such a house and such a family are unstable.

I want to emphasize that only a true love of a mother, combining a deep sympathy for the child, the desire to be the closest person to him gives to the child: feeling of safety, sense of security, gives the ability to trust people, the world, himself, gives clannishness, nation, forms responsibility. 

There is a big difference in the upbringing of a son and a daughter, though in the modern world women and men are equal.

The mother imports in the son the understanding of the relations between men and women. Therefore often men subconsciously look for a wife similar to their mother.

The mother imports in the daughter the ideas about marriage, about relationships with men about family values.

Each mother creates a zone of freedom or restriction and a ban for her child. I consider that giving freedom to the child, the mother demonstrates her credibility to him. As it is known, it is possible to trust a good, clever and a strong person. Exactly this message "is read" by the child through the unconscious beginning in communication with a mother. Mother's consent with freedom of her child is also recognition of his right for own life.

Mother's example in daughter’s world outlook forms the relations of future woman to life hereafter. I think that the girl sucks out lessons of moral culture, behavior from communication with her mother.

The nature of communication which can be different: authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent depends on mother’s delicacy, understanding. 

Since ancient times the maternal care is not only in washing, cleaning and cooking, but also in the fact that at the right time she is always nearby, will regret, stroke, calm, share the pleasure.  Only gentle, native hands can make one feel like new by touch. Only warm maternal lips will simplify physical and moral suffering.  Mom, like a bird, carefully covers her child with a reliable wing from hardship and danger.  Mother always teaches the child to: human kindness, ability to make friends and love, to help and sympathize, to be open, honest and human, to preserve and protect the nature, animals that got into trouble.

I think everything will agree with me that mothers wisely guide us through life and always try to find an excuse for our mistakes, because we always stay for them their children - the most favorite, the best.

I consider that mother is a personal angel for everyone and it does not matter it was a few hundred years ago or now.  




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