The essay “Me and my profession”.

The profession of psychologist has been my dream since childhood.

When I was a small child, I thought that it is easy to work as the psychologist, that psychologists are the cleverest, respectable people and are always rewarded.  Having matured, I entered the university on the faculty of pedagogics and psychology and my dream started to come true. I got basic education. The more I learned about the psychology and the work of the psychologist, the more I realized that this is a very important profession and there is no room for error. After all there is the most delicate instrument in the psychologist's hands – the human soul. How easy it is to hurt her, how its wings are fragile. Only one blurt can cause to a person so much pain and sufferings. Here, of course, professionalism is necessary. There is nothing more important than sincere, trust-based relations between people in our life. Today there is a great need for people in love and participation. But some time ago people thought that only mentally sick and brain-sick persons addressed to psychologists. Then the society has not yet perceived the work of the psychologist as a specialist and was not ready for psychological counseling at a professional. People did not have special trust to psychologists and it was considered to be humiliating to ask for psychological assistance. But now the status of the psychologist considerably rises from year to year. The work of the psychologist is appreciated and respected at school not less than the work of the director. It is very meritoriously and is authoritatively for my profession! Therefore you try still more and more to justify the trust of students.

The feature of the psychologist’s profession consists in the fact that people having occurred in a difficult life situation come to his consultations. Those who especially need our support, especially children.  Meeting with children, I forget about everything. I see that naive eyes of my pupils, who are so sincerely waiting for something new, eager to be surprised and enthusiastic fix eyes on me. And then you realize that in your life there is a great sense: to surprise and please, make small discoveries together with children, to be for them the cleverest and the most beautiful, to engender love to life in their children's hearts. Children's view of the world amazes me, my imagination. I look at them and learn to love life more and more, to believe that the good always overcomes the evil.

Of course in the process of work it is necessary to interact not only with children but also with their parents. Parents are all different. Someone understands the child without words and runs for the help to the expert at once if it is necessary, and there are parents who don't find time for their children, don't notice that there are changes in character of their child. They think that all this will pass over time. Thus, children remain with such parents without the help of adults. In a consequence such features as: unsociability, irritability, aggression, reduction in the quality of educational achievement appear at children. Analyzing the results of the work with parents, you understand that the work of an educational psychologist is invaluable and necessary. It helps to improve relationships both within the family and in the school community. It is very good!

In my understanding the good psychologist is not only a good person, but also, first of all, a wonderful professional! He must be open, be able to listen to, be always ready to help, have flexibility in decisions and have possibility to understand problems of other persons and find touch to them.  I try to follow these principles in my work.

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the capital of our country – Astana and to pass skill improvement in the field of family pedagogy and psychology of foreign psychologists, to visit their master classes! I am grateful to the Institute of Family Education for this invaluable experience given to us - school psychologists!  Now I am happy to apply all the methods and techniques in the work with children and their parents in my professional activity.

Any profession demands new knowledge. Life doesn't stand still. Also skill of my profession of the psychologist is improved. I am glad that my childhood dream has come true.

Gulnara Asauova

West Kazakhstan region, Terekty district, Fyedorovka village.


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