The father in a family.

We submit you the essay of the institute’s graduate, executed in practical part of the “Happy Family” program.

At all times it is great and irreplaceable father's place in the family. Each man is prepared by the nature and society for becoming a husband, a father, as well as each woman – a mother and a wife. The father is the source of knowledge about the world, labor and equipment for children. The father is the force, mind and support of a family in everyday questions. However, at present time a woman – a mother, a wife even more often is the head of family life. Undoubtedly, a big role in the upbringing of the child is given to a mother. At different stages of the time period the role of the father in education of the child is differently shown. In the Soviet period fathers raised the children very exactingly and rigidly. At that time children couldn't say a word against fathers, especially to contradict or argue.  And if they tried to disagree with father’s opinion were punished for it. The word of the father was the law. The father's center was sold to nobody, cherished like the apple of the eye. Father's house - a sacred house. Children and wives always coordinated all their actions with the father, the husband. Fathers were an example for everybody. On pages of the novel of I. Tugenev “ Fathers and children " we see fatherly love "exacting" which the child has to win. Analyzing the position of fathers in a family, today a lot of things remain the same. But in my opinion in the softened look.

To understand the current role of fathers in the family, you should consider the changes taking place with the family in society. Also it is impossible to blame time period and life changes. The role of the father and the word "father" has always been a key and important. It was put to a child since the birth with mother's milk. Yes, may be, for our culture it is not typical the external manifestation of love, tenderness father to a child. You won't often see the father by a hand with his son during the walk. These features aren't always peculiar to modern fathers - to embrace the son, to put on knees, to praise, to ask. And when you see another picture - fatherly attention and care to the children, the soul rejoices.

Working in a kindergarten, I notice that fathers most times stroll with kids, also fathers take away their sons from a garden and walk with the babies a long time. Dad in the family is not just a provider, a kindred spirit – it is a person, who opens the world to a child and helps to grow skillful and confident. In modern life the role of the father changed a little. The woman to some extent assumed the role of the man, having transferred education of the child to the father's hands. Many men are unemployed and stay at home with children. In such situation the status of the father, husband falls in society. In my opinion, in each happy family the man has to be the supporter, the provider, the defender and the adviser! He must be the head of the family - the real authority in his family, the loving father and the beautiful husband!


Head of the kindergarten "Aigolek" of Zhambyl region.

City Zhanatas.


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